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Who Are We?

Lamppost Creative is a small graphic design firm based in the Washington DC metro area. We offer a wide range of graphic design services, primarily to individuals, startups, small businesses and nonprofits (and the occasional small project for a larger organization).

Our smaller size allows us to work directly with clients, partnering alongside as a resource and guide. We know about small businesses because we are one—and whatever hurdles you’re facing or needs you have, chances are we’ve been there too.

Our Vision

We envision a world where design is more than just visual—it illuminates principles, that drive causes, that have impact. Our vision is for design to serve in all capacities, as a medium for transparency, connection and deeper meaning.

Our Mission

We partner with clients to develop fresh, accessible, consistent design that communicates their vision and inspires engagement on a deeper level.

Lead Designer

With over 10 years of experience, Kirsten is committed to developing effective and accessible communication by way of good design. Her passion lies both in realizing visions and in solving problems and partnering directly with clients to create fresh, smart designs that are meaningful and consistent. With each project, she strives to implement inspired, coordinated design that faithfully communicates a client’s vision.

Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design from Gordon College, where she acquired a strong background in design, fine art and photography. She continues to put her education to good use and, in fact, when she’s not in front of the computer, Kirsten can be found either in her art studio or out taking photographs.